Simon Johnson: Is Europe on the Verge of a Depression, or a Great Inflation?

MIT Sloan Prof. Simon Johnson

From the New York Times

The news from Europe, particularly from within the euro zone, seems all bad.

Interest rates on Italian government debt continue to rise. Attempts to put together a “rescue package” at the pan-European level repeatedly fall behind events. And the lack of leadership from Germany and France is palpable – where is the vision or the clarity of thought we would have had from Charles de Gaulle or Konrad Adenauer?

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Preparing MBAs for the global economy

MIT Sloan Deputy Dean JoAnne Yates

Our global economy calls for managers with a global business education. A solid foundation in management theory must be accompanied not only by practical applications of that knowledge, but also by a deep understanding of the cultures and economies in other regions, exposure to students, faculty and experts from around the world, and opportunities to learn first-hand about business issues in other countries.

MIT Sloan has been a pioneer in this area, recognizing the need early on to prepare MBA students for global careers. For nearly 30 years, our MBA student body has reflected this commitment with approximately 40% of students coming from outside the U.S. And as a global institution, we’ve been able to attract and retain top faculty from around the world. Students benefit not only from professors’ cutting-edge research on international business issues, but also from their diverse perspectives on business.

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