MIT Sloan students meet Bay Area innovators tackling huge problems — Thomas Iljic

MIT Sloan Student Thomas Iljic

Thomas Iljic, MBA ’15

From Xconomy

I’d heard a lot about Silicon Valley, but had lived and worked in Europe and Asia until I came to MIT Sloan School of Management. Passionate about bringing new technologies to market, I wanted to do an MBA program in the U.S. because, more than anywhere else, this is where taking risk is valued as a driver of change. That seems to be especially true in Silicon Valley, and I was eager to see it for myself.

Organizing our Technology Club’s annual Tech Trek to Silicon Valley, I planned visits to a mixture of hardware and software companies. I also requested that we meet with people from different functions, including product management, which is an area many MIT Sloan students are interested in these days.

First up was eBay Inc., which was eye opening for us because it’s so much more than just the site that everybody knows. From PayPal to eBay Now, the company has done an impressive job growing its different businesses. Its innovation group discussed the exciting work it’s doing in major cities, such as interactive “window shopping” with top fashion and consumer electronics brands. With eBay Now, you can order anything from your mobile phone and someone will immediately buy it and deliver it to you. There are plenty of opportunities for MBAs to innovate and make a real impact there.

Next we went to Apple where we met with MIT alumni in operations positions. It was great to hear about their day-to-day work. An alum in charge of work production for iPhone accessories discussed managing the production of massive numbers of units in factories across the world so that Apple can meet its huge demand. You could literally hear his phone constantly ticking, which was an audible signal for the flow of products being made.

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Thomas Iljic is a first-year MBA student at the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he is vice president of the Technology Club. 

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