This is the optimal number of apps you should create to land a killer app — Jason Davis and Pai-Ling Yin

Source: Quartz

From The Atlantic “Quartz”

Say you’re a mobile app developer trying to maximize your chances of striking gold with that one killer app. How many apps should you make? Four? Six? A dozen? The answer—if you’re making a non-game app—is: one. If you’re making a mobile game, however, you should make a lot more than that.

This is one of the latest findings from the Mobile Innovation Group, a research collaboration we are leading between MIT and Stanford. With the help of Yulia Muzyrya, a Boston University graduate student, we analyze publicly available information, survey data, and interviews to examine how app developers innovate and compete. Our goal is to come up with a set of best practices for mobile application companies and developers.

Our most recent rule of thumb concerns the optimal number of apps to create: The most successful game developers focus on creating many highly varied products and releasing them quickly, while the most successful non-game developers tend to build one strong app and add incremental improvements over time.

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Jason Davis is associate professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management at MIT Sloan School of Management.
Pai-Ling Yin is the Richard S. Leghorn Career Development Professor in Management of Technological Innovation at MIT Sloan School of Management.

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