Working to change the Music Industry through online collaboration and sharing – Philip Cohen

Phil Cohen MIT Sloan MBA, Class of 2013

Phil Cohen, MBA ’13

When I came home from Afghanistan with the military, I was ready to focus on the things I cared about most.  I saw how short life could be, and it seemed as if I didn’t have much time to waste.  I had been a serious songwriter and musician since my early teens, but recommitted myself to this passion after this deployment.  During my transition out of the military, right before entering MIT Sloan, I ran into a guy named Chris Dorsey at a neighborhood blockparty.  Within a few minutes, Chris found out I was a songwriter, and I found out Chris was a drummer.  After the party, I sent Chris a bunch of my home-recordings and, within a month or so, we headed into the studio to record our music.  We experienced a number of inefficiencies while in the studio; but, after recording, we were caught in what felt like a never-ending feedback loop that surrounded the music we had recorded.  It was difficult to review the audio data outside the studio (the way we needed to review it), to iterate and polish our music.  This, of course, translated into our spending more time in the studio, and our spending more money than we had ever planned to spend.  Every independent musician knows this struggle; and, while in the studio, Chris and I laid the initial seeds for AudioCommon—the company we would later co-found to enable Cloud collaboration during the earliest stages of the music creation process.

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MIT’s first Music Hack Day–Where entrepreneurship, computer engineering, and music combine — Philip Cohen, MBA ’13

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