MIT Sloan CrowdChat: “Second Machine Age” chat with Andrew McAfee

Andrew McAfee, Co-Director of the Initiative on the Digital Economy

Andrew McAfee, MIT Sloan ’88, ’89, LGO ’90 and Co-Director of the Initiative on the Digital Economy, fielded questions in a one-hour AMA-style (ask me anything) Q&A on the “Second Machine Age.” The online conversation was co-hosted by the upcoming Digital Economy Conference in London, where he and Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT Sloan will facilitate a series of discussions that highlight MIT’s role in both understanding and shaping our increasingly digital economy. The conference will be Live Streamed beginning at 6:30 am to 1 pm EDT, Friday, April 10. To watch be sure to bookmark this page.  

The Second Machine Age, or the current era of technological progress, is best summarized as the hypothesis that the global economy is on the cusp of dramatic growth driven by smart machines. For more information, please click here.

The chat was held through CrowdChat, a new social networking service that lets businesses and individuals set up ad-hoc, real-time group conversations about topics based on hashtags. Followers asked questions related to Andrew’s expertise using the conference hashtag, “#MITIDE.”

Below is a summary of the conversation:


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