Millennial women are leaning into MBA programs — Maura Herson

MIT Sloan MBA Program Director Maura Herson

MIT Sloan MBA Program Director Maura Herson

From Business Because

What will it take to get more young women interested in pursuing an MBA? At a time when the dearth of women leaders in corporate America, government, and beyond dominates the national dialogue, it’s a pertinent question.

Women have outnumbered men on college campuses since the 1980s. They’re a majority in most masters degree programs and they comprise roughly half of all law and medical school students.

But this is not the case on business school campuses: the percentage of women in the full-time MBA applicant pool has lingered between 34% and 39% for the last seven years.

Nevertheless, business schools are starting to make progress. This year’s incoming class at MIT Sloan, for instance, has a greater percentage of women than ever before. Of the 402 students in the MBA class of 2017, 41% are female. Our peer schools have recently posted similar numbers.

Research also shows that our female MBA students are just as successful as their male classmates: according to a study we conducted internally, there is no statistical difference in GPA outcomes by gender over the past decade.

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Maura Herson is the Director of the MBA Program at MIT Sloan.

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