Is London becoming the world’s greatest city for innovation? — Peter Hirst

MIT Sloan Executive Director of Executive Education Peter Hirst

MIT Sloan Executive Director of Executive Education Peter Hirst

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Earlier this November, the British-American Business Council’s  New England chapter (BABCNE) hosted an inspiring event in Boston that brought together nine high-ranking foreign diplomats, members of international business associations and business leaders to discuss how innovation can increase productivity and income opportunities through cross-border participation. The fact that the event was organized by Susie Kitchens, HM Consul General of the United Kingdom is no surprise.

National Mind Shift

The UK is mobilizing a strong and quite deliberate push for innovation-driven business development—domestically and globally. And nowhere is this more evident than in London. As a British “subject” (yes, that’s still the term!) who now calls the USA home, I am struck by a truly seismic cultural shift taking place in Britain—the nation’s stereotypical attitudes toward risk-taking and shunning conspicuous success are at long last changing, and quite visibly. Having lived and worked in London for several years, I may be partial to its continuing progress as a major center of cultural, academic and economic influence, but the changes I see during every visit are undeniable. Especially so in the last couple of years.

Mayor Boris Johnson’s 2020 Vision

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games brought millions of people to London, and they also brought Londoners together to continue the positive momentum ignited by the success of the undertaking. The city’s charismatic and surprisingly popularMayor Boris Johnson outlined a plan for London in his 2020 Vision: The Greatest City on Earth, Ambitions for London” where he emphasized the importance of innovation-driven entrepreneurship, and the education of the workforce needed to sustain it, as well as efforts already underway to make London a “smart” city with major improvements in transportation, housing and connectivity. The Mayor is not alone in this ambitious vision. London’s business community is helping to carry the momentum with a wide variety of initiatives and programs aimed at strengthening the city’s and the country’s economic growth.

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