How to use LinkedIn for career success — Bryn Panee Burkhart

Associate Director of Alumni Career Development Bryn Panee Burkhart

Associate Director of Alumni Career Development Bryn Panee Burkhart

From Financial Times

Do companies really use LinkedIn to hire MBA talent?

Absolutely! The world’s largest professional networking site has become integral in the recruiting strategy of all types of companies, from start-ups to multinationals. Most of LinkedIn’s revenue comes from their corporate talent solutions, which are paid-for services, offering recruiters and companies sophisticated search tools to find highly qualified professionals.

According to LinkedIn, 89 of the Fortune 100 companies currently use those services. Smaller companies purchase premium subscriptions or might even have employees sift through their personal connections to find potential candidates.

The bottom line is by creating a LinkedIn profile, you are putting yourself into a global resume database and there is a chance you could be tapped for job opportunities.

What can MBAs do to get noticed by recruiters?

You should meet all of LinkedIn’s terms for having what is known as a “complete profile,” which includes adding a professional photo, headline (job title or a clever slogan to market your skillset), your location, industry, work experience, education, skills and at least 50 connections. The site walks users through this process.

Having a complete profile gives you what LinkedIn calls an “All-Star” strength which is the highest level you can achieve. Your profile strength is measured by a circle graph found on the right of your profile page. According to LinkedIn, those with “All-Star” strength are 40 times more likely to come up in recruiter searches, and search results are ordered by profile completion. You want to be as high up in the search results as possible!

Fewer than half of LinkedIn’s 300m users have complete profiles so this could be your trump card in the job search game.

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Bryn Panee Burkhart is associate director of alumni career development at MIT Sloan in the Career Development Office at MIT Sloan.

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