How to train your brain to make your dreams come true – Tara Swart

MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer, Tara Swart

From the Daily Mail

As a successful doctor of psychiatry and neuroscience, it looked as if I had it all: I was married to a fellow psychiatrist and had a job working for the NHS. We were a carefree young couple, with a great social life and lots of opportunity to travel the world. Everyone assumed I was in complete control of my life.

But I was running on autopilot, and when I reached my mid-30s everything fell apart. I had become increasingly unhappy in my work, worn down by the long hours and workload and the sense of not being able to make a real difference to my patients.

I witnessed so much human suffering and saw how tough and cruel life was for the mentally vulnerable. I cared deeply about my patients, but I had a nagging sense that they deserved more than just medication and hospitalisation – that a healthier regime and a sense of wellbeing could do wonders to aid their recovery.

At the same time my marriage fell apart and it had a disastrous impact on my own sense of identity and confidence. I felt like I was drowning, with nothing to hold on to and no end in sight.

However, rock bottom gave me new clarity. It gave me a determination I had not known I possessed, and a feeling that I must progress on my own to fulfill my potential.

I’d grown up in London as part of an immigrant Indian family where yoga and meditation were part of the daily routine and we adhered to a strict vegetarian diet, but I had thrown that all aside to study medicine.

Now, as I battled to find a new path for myself, I found strength and solace in the alternative practices of my childhood. I started to apply my cynical medic’s mindset to investigating concepts like positive thinking and visualisation, switching my focus towards the science of brain optimisation.

All my life it had never occurred to me that I could be anything other than a doctor. But, after nine years of medical training and seven years of practice, I realised my calling was to be a wellbeing coach – and to my amazement I found I was able to make my brain work differently to support this plan.

Now, ten years on, I run a successful coaching business, helping thousands of people find the route to achieving their dreams. I am a professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, an award-winning author, and I travel the world to speak at conferences. I can honestly tell you my life transformation is NOT down to luck, nepotism, good connections or even to hard work. I am convinced I was able to change my life through harnessing the full power of subconscious thought.

Through in-depth research, and putting everything I’ve learned through the filters of neuroscience and psychiatry, I have discovered a new science of brain optimisation called The Source. It combines a long-standing understanding of the brain, updated with cutting-edge cognitive science, overlayed with a healthy measure of spirituality.

Whether you are secretly longing for a new job, hankering after a dream home, the perfect partner or you even just feel stagnant in your life, The Source can give you powerful tools to help you move forward…

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Dr. Tara Swart is a Senior Lecturer with MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Education.

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