Big data drives security, risk discussion at MIT CIO affair

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I’ve  sat through the first two two sessions at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, expecting to hear all about the wonderful opportunities doing digital business.

Was I wrong!  The sessions, entitled 1) “Opportunities in the Digital Business World” and 2) “What every CIO should Know about the Future impact of Digital Business,”  focused on security, risk, privacy and how to manage infinite oceans of data were the dominant topic. We heard words like “headaches” and “hacker.”

Certainly, no one has corned the market for a playbook that explains how CIOs deal with vast amounts of data, all that threatens it and how to exploit it.

“It is really an arms race and there are new weapons on both sides,” said  MIT Prof. Erik Brynjolffson, a mangement professor at the MIT Sloan School. Cyber threats are complicated by massive amounts of data that make CIOs deal with something akin to “complexity theory,” as one CIO in the audience pointed out.

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